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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Farmington, MI

Tooth-Colored Fillings with Dr. Metzger

You take such good care of your teeth. Every day, you brush and floss in the morning and at night. You schedule dental checkups at Monet Aesthetic Dentistry in Farmington, MI every six months as Dr. Metzger wants you to. You shy away from sugary snacks and soft drinks. Yet, despite all of these efforts—you have a cavity! Well, hardly anyone goes through life without some tooth decay. The good news is that repairing that tooth no longer necessitates getting an amalgam filling. Today, there is a new kind of filling that can not only restore functionality to your tooth, but it helps maintains your white and beautiful smile as well.

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Once upon a time, cavities were routinely filled with a mixture, or amalgam, of silver and other metals. Aside from leaving a dark spot in your otherwise white smile, amalgam fillings were annoying for people with metal sensitivity. And while the claim that there is mercury in silver fillings has never been conclusively substantiated, there is no such concern with tooth-colored fillings.

Also called white fillings, tooth-colored fillings are made of either porcelain or composite resin materials. As such, Dr. Metzger can blend these materials to closely match the color of your existing tooth. To repair a tooth with a white filling, Dr. Metzger will first remove the decay and cleanse the area. Then, the tooth is isolated to prevent moisture from interfering with the bonding process. Adhesives are applied, after which the cavity is filled with the composite material. This is quickly hardened with a special light, and your tooth is once again whole and beautiful.