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December 12, 2022

4 Tips for Easily Removing Clear Aligners

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If you recently started wearing Invisalign, you have probably noticed that it takes some getting used to. From cleaning your aligners to remembering to brush and floss after every meal, there can be a bit of a learning curve. Some patients also find it difficult to remove their trays. People who have Invisalign attachments may also find it harder to take their trays off. Rather than tugging on your aligners and risking breaking them, read on to learn about five methods that will make removing clear aligners easier.

Method #1: Use Your Fingers

The easiest method of removing clear aligners is to use your fingers. In general, you should just be able to pop your trays off. This option is the most practical since you don’t need to have specific tools on hand to do it. First, hook your fingernails under the edges of your aligners. Gently pull them down to release your aligners from your back molars. Release the trays once you reach the front of your mouth. You should be able to easily lift them off your teeth.

Method #2: Using Paper Towels

If you have trouble getting a good grip on your aligners, try using aper towels. This may make them easier to remove. Hold a paper towel in each hand and place them over your back molars. Grasp on to one of your aligners firmly and pull down until it releases from your molars. Slowly make your way to the front of your mouth until you can pop your trays right off.

Method #3: Use Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves can give you an even better grip than paper towels since they’re much easier to maneuver. Double check that you have the right type since thicker gloves will be more difficult to maneuver. Additionally, make sure that the gloves are clean before you put them in your mouth. You will use them the same way that you use paper towels, by starting at the back and working your way forward until the aligners can easily be taken off.

Method #4: Use an Aligner Removal Tool

Aligner removal tools are another option if you’re having issues with removing clear aligners. They are specially designed for this task and are also helpful when you can’t clean your hands before taking out your trays. They are double-sided with a hook on one end that latches onto your aligner. The opposite end of the tool has a flat surface that rests against the edge of the aligner tray and dislodges it with a pushing motion.

If you are having trouble removing clear aligners, there are several options that will make it easier to do so. Don’t be scared to experiment until you find out which one works best for you. The easier your orthodontic treatment is, the better!

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