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February 12, 2018

Know Before You Go: Teeth Whitening in Farmington

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woman white teethWhen you think of cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening in Farmington may be one of the very first dental services that come to mind. But what really happens to your teeth when you undergo a whitening treatment? Learn more about the scientific process of teeth whitening in this week’s blog post.

What Happens to Your Teeth When Whitening?

There’s a process that your teeth undergo when you choose to whiten your teeth. To understand the process, you must first understand that your teeth are created from different layers. These layers absorb the stains in your teeth, so the bleaching products that your dentist uses concentrate on the first layers of teeth to lift them.

Layers of Your Teeth

  • Tooth enamel—the enamel layer of your teeth is the outermost layer. It’s one of the hardest surfaces that your body creates, and it works to protect the sensitive inner layers of your teeth from outside stimuli. Enamel is the first layer that staining properties are absorbed into.
  • Dentin—the dentin layer of your teeth resides right below the enamel. This makes up majority of the tooth and is highly porous, meaning that materials are easily absorbable. Stains seep deeply into this layer, creating more permanent dark marks on teeth. Whitening products work to remove stains from this layer as well, although it is more difficult.
  • Pulp and Root of Teeth—although these parts of your teeth don’t have much to do with staining, they are highly sensitive. In fact, when you undergo whitening treatments, you may experience some sensitivity for a period of time because all layers of your teeth will be affected by the bleaching products.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Now that you understand the layers of your teeth and how whitening products affect them, you can understand why it’s so important to get your cosmetic treatments from a dentist in Farmington. When you choose to get your whitening products from the local drugstore, you won’t receive the results you want because the generic products will not be able to penetrate the layers of your teeth.

However, if you visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening, you can experience the convenience of whitening from your own home and high-quality results with take-home whitening kits. That’s right—your dentist will give you professional grade products to take home and easily use. Within just a few weeks, you’ll see dramatic results!

If you’re interested in what professional teeth whitening can do for you, give your local dentist a call!

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